A Test of Rifle Skill

To successfully run this blog I need a way of assessing my rifle skills in a repeatable manner.

It also has to be applicable to the readers of this blog since not everyone has access to a 600 yard range.

What is needed is a 25 meter qualification target set up to simulate a variety of distances and to also reliably deliver a score to evaluate progress.

Ideally it will be something that can be printed easily on one or more sheets of paper with instructions.

I am currently searching for a target that will fill this role. I would like to use the Appleseed targets, but they seem to be hard to obtain at times.

If you are wondering what an Appleseed target is, check out the Appleseed program here.

I fully intend to review an Appleseed shoot in the future so stay tuned.

When I find what I am looking for, I will let you guys know.

Written by lothaen


  1. Tom · June 15, 2014

    Just go to an Appleseed event one weekend and I promise you will have a ball! Not only will you shoot a lot but you will learn things that you had been compensating for and didn’t realize, why and how things work, and the best part is you get to meet people you would not have in any other way. I have been to two Appleseed events my self, scored rifleman both times, once with an ar in the a4 config. And the second with an m1a and can say I learned a lot.

  2. John M. Buol Jr. · May 29, 2017

    Targets and instructions here:

    Army Reserve Postal Match

    Per Army Regulation 140-1, Chapter 7 (Marksmanship Training and Competitive Program), section 7-2 a. (11), the Chief, Army Reserve will conduct the World-wide Chief, Army Reserve Postal Matches. Army Reserve Marksman is the official US Army Reserve resource supporting marksmanship force wide and this page describes the OCAR-supported postal match. All Army Reserve units are encouraged to participate.

    The Army Reserve Postal Match is conducted every fiscal year.

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