About The New Rifleman

The purpose of this blog is to explore the practical application of accuracy in a fighting rifle…

Let’s be clear. I am not from a military or law enforcement background. I am just a guy who decided he wanted to learn to shoot on a practical and common platform, the AR15. If you are here on this page perhaps your curious about me or new to the AR15. Perfect. We were all new to this weapon platform once. I had to do allot of range work by myself in learning to shoot… and this blog sprung up due to the need I saw for marksmanship training online. The goal of this blog is to bring you from new AR15 to a rifleman with the resources to help in one place.  

We will review, explore, and apply techniques and utilize equipment that can help us (and you) take that AR15 in the back of the closet and make it reach out and touch something. While the current focus of the blog is on the 20inch AR15 in 5.56×45, we will be examining and utilizing any and every rifle that becomes available to me. What I learn (with the mistakes) will be passed on to the reader.

If the rifle is your thing, this is your place.

This blog is run by two dudes; myself for the content (Knife_Sniper aka Lothaen) and Jeansond on the back-end web work side.

Enjoy your stay!


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