Trijicon Releases Ascent, Credo, Tenmile line of scopes

Trijicon Releases Ascent, Credo, Tenmile line of scopes

Lead Photo: Trijicon 1-8 “Credo”

Trijicon just ended their livestream to introduce the ASCENT, a budget variable without illumination. MSRP around $650 so street price should put it around $500.

Its an odd choice in a market flooded with cheaper variables which do feature illumination… However if you want the pedigree then you gotta shell out the Hundos for a Trij.

Meanwhile, at MidwayUSA we can see a line of mid range to high end optics: the “Credo” and “Tenmile” which may have been released a touch early since Trijicon has not released any info on them. This was as of 10 AM this morning, and by now all the lines have been introduced by Trijicon.

They cover 1-4s, 1-6s, 1-8s, starting at $899 (Credo Line) all the way up to a 5-25 offerings (Tenmile) at $2k plus price points.

Accupower lines are at blowout prices so now you know why. Looks like they are revamping their entire line of variables. See more at Trijicon HERE. 

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