The Trials and Tribulations of Starting a Tactical Program

The Trials and Tribulations of Starting a Tactical Program

Here is a great article I ran across over at TTAG: it discusses the difficulties of getting a tactical program started at your club. It offers some good advice to winning “hearts and minds” so you can get some practical shooting started locally… and that is some powerful advice.

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Written by lothaen


  1. E.D.M. · February 6, 2015

    I ran into this very problem at my last club in Montana. A few of us AD military guys arranged to start an action pistol/USPSA/2 gun/3 gun group every Sunday. It wasn’t long before the leaders of the group were under fire for “unsafe practices,” and were eventually banned from the range (there were no unsafe practices). I came to find out, months later, that the other clubs (dominated by hunters and bullseye pistol shooters) thought what we were doing was too close to “militia training” and didn’t want to be associated with that image. The fact that nearly everyone in the group was AD military or local law enforcement was besides the point.

    • lothaen · February 7, 2015

      That’s a shame. Going forward, the younger generations hopefully can displace the “sportsmen” who do the second amendment no favors with their close minded attitude.

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