From the Man Himself: David A. Lutz on the Development of the M16A2

From the Man Himself: David A. Lutz on the Development of the M16A2

Ever wonder why the M16A2 is the way it is? I.E. Stock too long, no full auto, unnecessarily complicated rear sight (for a battle rifle?), and the beloved… er A2 pistol grip with nub?

Why not learn about the why from the man himself, Col. David Lutz USMC?

It all started with a simple question: Why did the military go from the A1 pistol grip to the A2 pistol grip?

From there ARFCOM member ColdBLue (Col. David Lutz) explains away many of the questions about the M16A2 and clarify’s even the tiniest of details. Why does the A2 rear sight have a recessed cup? Why did the A2 stock get sooooooo long? All this and more answered in a spontaneous and insightful thread over at

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  1. Andrew · February 22, 2017

    Gah! That ended too soon. I got the LOLs when ArmyVietVet or wtf his name was said the A2 rear sight was useless. It ain’t, the army just doesn’t train it. I went to the kd range maybe twice in five years and the NCOs didn’t know what the hell to do really. I’ve learned more about how to shoot out of the army than in it. Those fire commands coldblue referenced only exist vestigially in the machine gun team now. Army and Marines really need to trade notes on marksmanship training.

    • lothaen · March 17, 2017

      It was a great thread, and I am glad you found it fun. Really put ideas into place that I thought were kinda dumb regarding design decisions… but there is a reason for everything and turns out they weren’t so dumb after all.

  2. Richard Cummings · July 10, 2018

    Was stationed with Col Lutz

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