On Moving Vacation…

On Moving Vacation…
Written by lothaen


  1. Kip · September 18, 2015

    Best of the West for the Austin area, ETTS for North Texas! Fantastic facilities.

  2. honeycomb · September 18, 2015

    Enjoy your trip.

    Send post cards .. or blog posts.

  3. Gregb · September 19, 2015

    Welcome to Texas!!! If your in the Houston area there are plenty of facilities!!

  4. Sid43x · September 27, 2015

    Glad to have you in Texas

  5. RSR · February 8, 2016

    Welcome to Texas.

    Though maxed at 200 yards, the Austin Rifle Club is a great range and super cheap for those who shoot a lot vs pay per trip… Also, the only range in the Austin area where I don’t feel as if my safety is in jeopardy due to stupidity…

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