Mulling over My Next AR15 Build

The AR15 is a fantastic weapon. Some people are quick to dismiss it for “reliability issues” when such issues are largely overblown by people who are stuck on platform X vs. platform Y. The reality is that all modern firearm designs have their own quirks and anyone who dismiss such a long serving platform as the AR15 / M16 series only displays their ignorance of the advantages the platform provides.

What we have in an AR15 is a design that is “out of the box” accurate. The lack of a moving piston assembly above the barrel eliminates a variety of factors that can influence the harmonics of the barrel. If you were to watch a rifle discharge in slow motion it would be easy to observe the barrel flex and whip as if it were made of stiff rubber. Having a piston or other recoil assembly above the barrel simply adds more outside factors that could potentially alter how the barrel behaves shot to shot.

Set up properly the rifle is also reliable. In recent years there have been many discussions over gas systems and their relation to an AR15’s reliability. Well, in the case of the AR15, the longer the gas system is the less stress is applied to the working bolt group. If you are going to purchase an AR15 there are ZERO reasons to choose a carbine length gas system. Choosing a mid length or rifle length platform will greatly diminish reliability issues you might face during the firearm’s life.

In addition, for the rifleman to be, both mid length and rifle length offer a longer sight radius than the carbine. A long sight radius allows the rifleman to better discern movement of the front sight post off target and allow him or her to correct the disparity before taking the shot. It is simple geometry.

So what I am looking for is a 20 inch AR15. A 20 inch AR15 is a rifle. The long sight radius, excellent sights, reliability, and inherently accurate design make it a logical choice for someone who wants to learn to shoot. There are many options available for a rifleman, but this is a logical choice and one that can easily be obtained by any readers living in free “no ban” states.

I ordered a Palmetto State Armory lower receiver to start my build. Together we are going to build it from start to finish. I can’t wait.

Written by lothaen

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