Finish All the Projects!

Finish All the Projects!

If you have any half finished builds, or perhaps a few builds in a state of “almost done” you may want to take a clear focus on a single rifle for the time-being. Parts may be hard to come by for the immediate future, but finish your primary rifle with parts of known quality. Now is not the time to experiment with new on the market hand-guards and other fancy doo-dads that might not be the best choice for your rifle.

Dave Merrill wrote a good article detailing the “functional baseline” of a properly equipped rifle which you can read here: Don’t Build a Shitbox: The Path and Prioritizing.

Its quite important we get a few rifles zero’d and up and running at 110 percent. I know we all like to tinker, and I can’t say i am not guilty myself. As a blogger I am constantly trying out new gear to review and trying to tinker with things. I took a rifle with a perfectly good zero and lapped the receiver to bring the perfectly functional sights back into “perfect” alignment. Well, that’s one rifle that now has to be re-zeroed.

Streamlight Rifle Kit

I will now have three TLR series weapon lights, two for rifles and one for a pistol. I have three because they work good and I don’t want to experiment with other brands of tactical lights right now. 

My two other rifles, the Aero Precision M4E1 and the Carbine are both zeroed for M193 and are in good shape with the irons. I have two TLR-1 style weapon lights and another is in the mail to ensure that all my weapons are sporting bright white light. At least two rifles will have 630 lumens on board and my pistol has its own 300 lumen TLR-1. I grabbed another 5 Gen 3 Pmags with the order as well. I skipped the lighter weight rail and the cool new telestock that I wanted as the stock and rail I have now is perfectly functional. I put that money into the light instead.


My Larue 12.0 is a little old and out of date compared to the ultra lightweight rails, but money was better spent elsewhere than upgrading this piece of kit. Besides, I trust it to break rocks so that’s always a good thing.

It’s time to prep, get ready, and prepare for a fun election cycle.


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