Chrono Data: Federal M193, Criterion Hybrid 18″ Barrel

Chrono Data: Federal M193, Criterion Hybrid 18″ Barrel

I have some chrono data to share regarding the Criterion hybrid 18 inch barrel. This was my first trip out with my new chronograph, and I am adding it to the list of things I should have purchased sooner.

The Criterion 18″ Hybrid has a .223 Wylde chamber and is chrome lined.

  • Federal M193 pushed out to AVG 3282 FPS with a extreme spread of 41 FPS and standard deviation of 15 FPS in five rounds.
  • My 69 Gr SMK reloads with 23.4 grains of Accurate pushed out to AVG 2792 FPS with a extreme spread of 46 fps and a SD of 17 FPS
  • My 75 grain Hornady HPBT with 24 grains of Varget pushed out to AVG 2646 FPS with a extreme spread of 37 and a SD of 11 FPS

The most promising loading is the 75 grain Hornady with 24gr of Varget. It’s my intention to use this projectile to reduce wind drift and… hopefully… increase my probability of hitting the target.

It matches the drop of the JM-BDC1 reticle near perfectly:


Another point of interest is that the Criterion 18 inch pipe seems to throw down in the velocity department with m193. Look at the data from this collection of velocity tables and you can see that when shooting M193 the Criterion seems to run this a bit faster than a full on 20 inch barrel. Here is the chart.

.223   M193, American Eagle XM193C           55       FMJ     AR-15     20"       3206 fps 

.223   M193, Federal XM193 (LC 14)           55       FMJ     AR-15     20"       3244 fps

.223   M193, Independence XM193I             55       FMJ     AR-15     20"       3343 fps

 .223   M193, Prvi Partizan                  55       FMJ     AR-15    20"       3174 fps

Federal M193 out of the Criterion blazed out at 3282 fps at 88 degrees. Not a big difference, but an interesting point.  Next time I go out, I will chronograph this same lot of ammo against my 20 inch rifle.

My current setup is a 100 yard zero set to the dial on the Razor. To use the BDC I would go up 1.5 minutes. To use the MPBR style zero I would go up 2 minutes for a 3 inch radius MPBR.

That’s the plan. Now if I could make it to a match… High-Power in September? Hopefully!

Written by lothaen


  1. E.D.M. · August 19, 2015

    Your work with the Criterion has intrigued me enough that I plan on picking up one of their 18″ hybrid profile barrels in .308. I hope to get similar results.

  2. Kip · August 29, 2015

    I found very similar results with PMC XP193, out of my 14.5 BCM:

    Looking forward to reading your results at distance.

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