A Look at Trijicon’s New MRO Red Dot Sight

A Look at Trijicon’s New MRO Red Dot Sight

With the release of the MRO, Aimpoint looks to have some competition. Matching the Aimpoint T2 tit-for-tat in the battery life department, and besting the T2 on street price makes the MRO a very attractive product from Trijicon. Some points from Trijicon:

  • The MRO has a wider objective in and should give the shooter much less of a tube effect than the T2.
  • The top mounted illumination control is ambidextrous
  • The adjustments are flush for reduced snag and less chance of zero loss

Below is a visual comparison of the Aimpoint T2: We can see different design philosophies at work with the aimpoint choosing to guard and cap the adjustment knobs and to offer the optic with flip cap protections.

Aimpoint T2

Aimpoint T2 for visual comparison

Trijicon decided to depart from the Aimpoint mounting system and instead produce their own line of mounts for the MRO. The mounts do not appear compatible.

Trijcon MRO mount

Trijicon MRO mount

Overall the package may come in cheaper than the T2 series from Aimpoint, and should be attractive for shooters who don’t want to yet depart from full size red dots such as the COMP M4 and the larger viewing window. I hope Trijicon’s MRO is a solid product, and I hope it gives Aimpoint something to think about. I wouldn’t mind a good price war!

Trijicon MRO


Written by lothaen

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  1. E.D.M. · August 16, 2015

    Agreed, this really interests me on a lot of levels. I sincerely feel like Aimpoint was setting the prices they were simply because nobody else was competing with them in that category, and their primary customer is really the US Government (with its correspondingly deep pockets). Trijicon entering the market with comparable hardware at a lower price should make things interesting.

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