TNR Quick Update

TNR Quick Update

Short post just to share what is planned for the future here at TNR. Things have been a little slow with the local gun range in flux. I am unsure if it will survive as it and the house present on the property are for sale. Should we lose that house to someone who doesn’t want the range business, then I wont have a local range. Never fear. Backup plan. I am investing in steel targets (one piece at a time) and target holders to get some range time out at the ranch. Here is a bit of what I hope to cover.


  • AK Accuracy Testing and Marksmanship
  • Dirty Mud Rifles and how to get them quickly back running
  • Low Light Rifle Shooting at 100 yards plus
  • Optics and gear in the Rain if the weather calls for it
  • Review the Wheeler Engineering AR15 Lapping Tool
  • Review whatever gear I can get my hands on IN THE MUD.

The Rifles and Carbines

AR15 Carbine

The carbine which is in a state of flux: Plan is to obtain push pad for TLR – HL and that will allow me to have the TLR side mounted without difficult to press rockers and to ensure I can lock out the light. Secondary plan is to install a lighter rail and butt-stock set. Overall this carbine has handled well especially in Corpus Christi. The Atibal Velocity has a home on this rifle.

Rifle 2016

18inch Aero Precision M4E1: This rifle doesn’t need anything new other than a different optic. I prefer a low power variable and the 4-14 is my best bet for accuracy testing thus it is equipped on this rifle currently. I would like to ditch the A5 stock for a lighter system, but for now taking the buttpad off saves a few ounces.


A2 Rifle: No changes to the rifle this year other than using the wheeler engineering lapping tool to bring the barrel more centerline with the sights. This rifle will receive the Larue 12.0 when I upgrade the carbine for a lighter rail.

*Not pictured is the WASR-10 AK for use this year.

With the new house, we had some projects and expenses… so dear readers, give me a bit of time to work something up and to get back into the shoot of things!




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