Trijicon Releases New AccuPoint and AccuPower Variables!

Trijicon Releases New AccuPoint and AccuPower Variables!

Trijicon has made an official announcement of the new AccuPower battery powered product line as well as an update to the AccuPoint variable line. Each of these lineups feature new low power variables as well as higher magnification optics for long range shooters. My interest is in the 1-6 range and similar optics for use on the AR15, so let’s take a look at the new lower magnification offerings.

The AccuPoint 1-6x:
1-6 Accupoint

Trijicon TR25 1-6x variable

The new edition to the AccuPoint line is the 1-6x variable. The optic has a new fiber optic collector located at the rear of the optic which still allows you to vary the amount of light that gets into the fiber optic. The new 1-6 line incorporates several of Trijcon’s traditional AccuPoint reticles as well as a MOA dot and Mil-Dot reticle. There are no bullet specific BDCs available to the 1-6x AccuPoint line. Each reticle features a fiber optic illuminated center dot like the rest of the lineup.


MOA Dot reticle, with center fiber optic illumination


AccuPower 1-4x:


Trijicon RS24

Here is what the community has been waiting for: a 1-4x Trijicon variable with a illuminated BDC reticle. The offering is what many have been clamoring for in the AccuPoint series, but it is instead offered in a 1-4x variable with battery powered illumination. Whats nice is that they expressly tell you what it is calibrated for:

Our BDC reticle is matched to the common 55 grain .223 caliber bullet (XM193, 3116fps, 16” barrel).  When used at 4X the BDC gives you ballistic drops out to 800 yards. At 1X the segmented circle can help you frame a standard silhouette target for quick hits.

trijicon RS24 reticle

I don’t mean to be a killjoy, but I would have liked to see this optic take a 1-6x format instead of 1-4x. Since it is a second focal plane optic, you have to be at 4x to range and shoot targets with the BDC. If they had assembled this into a 6x, the reticle could have been made a bit larger and it would give the stadia markings some room to breath. I admit, I have gone to 6x and I wont be going back to 4x.

In my opinion, the 1-6x MOA dot and Mil Dot AccuPoint line are the strongest offerings for shooters looking to spread their wings and shoot a bit further out. The new 1-4 AccuPower is also very neat, and will likely sell like hotcakes. As usual, more competition is good!

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