Examining Changes to the TA01:

Examining Changes to the TA01:

The TA01 is in my hot little hands. I would like to show you a few of the changes Trijicon made to the Ta01 that we discussed in the last article, as well as deliver a few more visual examples. Consider this as a supplement to the month’s featured article:

The Updates:

TA01 ACOG Trijicon (1)

Rear mount for a RMR or BUIS.

As mentioned, the TA01 has been updated with mounting provisions for iron sights or a RMR. Being as I am in a high humidity environment, I may mount the backup irons over a RMR.

The machining on the ACOG is rough, and there is a notable amount of material carved away from the body of the optic. This does not affect performance, but does look like it could use a few more passes over with the milling machine.

TA01 ACOG Trijicon (3)

The forging comes from the same line as the dual illuminated models, and the extra is machined away as if it was the last off the line on a Friday afternoon. Note the provision for a front sight.

So let’s talk weight. How does the ACOG compare weight wise?

The TA01 weighs 14.2 oz with the TA60 mount.

The detachable carry handle weighs 9.2 oz as a comparison.

A variable often weights 14 oz or MORE without a mount. Add a mount and it can add anywhere from 3.5 oz for a Aero Precision Ultralight to 8.4 for the ADM SPR profile quick detach mount.

In Low Light:

Acog’s are excellent in dim lighting conditions. The 8mm exit pupil and 32 mm objective funnel plenty of ambient light to the eye. The 4×32 is among the best in the lineup. The tritium is also strong enough to see with a weapon light depending on lighting scenarios:

TA01 Tritium ACOG low light

15 yards ambient light


15 yards 600 Lumen WML activated

Ta01 ACOG WML 15yards

15 yards no magnification

So the TA01 is quite adequate in low light shooting scenarios, and bright light shooting scenarios. I find it far more palatable than the TA31F series with its minuscule chevron BDC reticle which can wash out.

Wrapping Up:

The Ta01 is going on my primary rifle. For a while I have been testing ALL KINDS OF STUFF but I have finally put together a Rifleman’s rifle. The ACOG being the latest component added to my Colt HBAR build… The Ta01 is a good addition, and when everything is a compromise we need to choose the best components for our desired goal. Nothing is perfect. The Ta01 is a costly, but a welcome addition to my equipment list. If you are looking at a TA01, check out

“Oh the places we will go.”

ACOG M16A5 DMR (3)

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