Larue Introduces New Rails… Finally.

Larue Introduces New Rails… Finally.

Larue has finally released a new set of handguards. Its been *at least* 12 eons since we saw a change in the Larue handguard lineup, but better late than never…

The Larue “Slick-a-Tinny” and “Lock-A-Tinny” are targeted at the budget minded buyer and they are priced $10 per inch of rail. You read that right.  A 11 inch rail would retail for $110 dollars. 9 inches? $90 dollars.


The rails just launched today. Check them out at the bottom of this page and scroll down. Add a MBT for $80 dollars more on to your order.

Dang. Now that’s a price war.

Hopefully we will have a tossabout review of these in the future!

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Written by lothaen


  1. Steffen · February 22, 2019

    Dang. That siren song is singing sweetly at my wallet.

  2. Jim · May 23, 2019

    I’ve got a 13.2″ Slick-A-Tinny on my mountain rifle. The machining and finish are both great and it seems more rigid than the M-LOK rails I’ve owned. I believe that it uses the same barrel nut and keeper assembly as the Larue quad rails, so replacing a quad rail with a LAT or SAT is pretty easy.

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