KAC RAS M5 Seconds: Its Purple.

KAC RAS M5 Seconds: Its Purple.

So I got a KAC RAS M5 “second” in the mail today. Seconds are KACs discounted line of products which feature aesthetic issues.

In my case, the M5 RAS is black on the top rail, and purple on the bottom rail. The anodizing is reminiscent of the Bushmaster purple that came out of Bushmaster during the boom post assault weapon ban.

Want to see some purple Bushmasters? Click Here. 

Knights Armament M5RAS

The purple hue is due to the anodizing die being to dilute during the run through the anodizing process.

Other than being purple, I cannot detect any discernible issues with the rail. I’m certainly not concerned with the color.

It locks up solid and comes with four panels. Spent $157 shipped. Click here to go to KACs store and snag one.

Knights Armament Panels M5 Ras

Am I happy with the purchase? You Betcha! It is a quality system. 

Written by lothaen


  1. Tom · June 15, 2014

    I ordered one of the seconds ras5 rails also very high quality piece of kit! Mine was not purple but the rail if numbers were off on the bottom rail but hey they stay covered up so who will ever know right. Very good 2 piece for the money.

  2. shocktroop0351 · April 12, 2017

    I had an m16 with a purple upper when I was in the Marines. Alot of M203s I saw had it as well.

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