Range Gear: Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag

Range Gear: Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag

There is a fit and finish that an American made product exudes. Americans take pride in their work, and producing buy-it-for-life gear is something that only a few companies still do in our time. That said, I never expected a buy-it-for-life range bag to make its way into my lap, but here we are. Lynx Defense cold emailed me to see if I would be interested in a review of their Pistol Range Bag. Yup, send it! 


The Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag is a piece of range gear that appears to satisfy the buy once, cry once requirement. It is a mid-size pistol bag that is designed for up to four pistols. Two pistol inserts are included. The bag has excellent fit and finish, with Cordura nylon throughout. The stitching is excellent and of high quality. The zippers are IDEAL brand, and they zip and unzip with a smooth feel. The straps are padded for shoulder carry, and they appear to be made of seatbelt type material. As you can see from the photos, this bag looks good because it is made well. It definitely gives Maxpedition vibes, and that’s a good thing.


Cavernous Interior with a hard bottom layer to protect your gear from hard surfaces.


The compartments are spacious (Glock 19 for scale) and it comes equipped with two velcro stitched dividers which can be re-positioned at will. The dividers hold a pistol, and the other side is stitched with elastic loops for magazines and whatever misc. gear will fit.


The pistol inserts hold mags on one side, shooting iron on the other.

Total compartments are one large zippered compartment, two zippered side compartments, and a final zippered compartment that holds the pistol mat. It has one final velcroed pocket good for holding small items.


Barely Loaded here with two pistols, magazines, eyes, ears, and a few holsters. I haven’t even touched the side pockets.

The included shooting mat is a fantastic touch. I typically bring a towel with me if I know concrete benches are present at the range, but this eliminates that requirement.


The pistol mat is plain out awesome. The certificate of authenticity is signed by all who worked to create the bag.

The mat is folded and slides into the side pocket where it sits as additional padding to the underside of the bag until it is removed. Here are the rest of the specs pulled right from the Lynx Defense Website:

  • 100% Made in the USA – Fabric, Zippers, Thread, and Sewn in America
  • Exterior Dimensions: Length: 13in Width: 10in Height: 8in
  • Includes two gun/magazine inserts (More add-ons are available for purchase)
  • Inserts fit most guns (feature gun and magazine holders)
  • Recommended maximum of four inserts
  • 500D Cordura Fabric Exterior
  • Built-in Detachable Rollout Cleaning/Range Mat
  • Removable Hard Bottom Provides Increased Durability

Wrapping Up:

Attention to detail. Lynx Defense has it. I was approached by this company via email to review the product, and no money has exchanged hands and no bonus will be paid to me if you purchase a product from Lynx Defense. The range bag looks like an excellent solution for shooters needing a long term piece of kit. I like the size, the hard bottom which will protect my pistols in the muzzle down pocket, and the feature set is premium. The hard bottom and the hard pistol inserts actually give the range bag an internal frame of sorts… as the bag retains its shape and doesn’t collapse on itself even when empty. I found no negatives with the build or layout. It’s smart and it is well made. The price at Lynx Defense is $139 and it comes in a few other colors as well. That price seems steep when other pistol bags range from $50-75, but if you appreciate a “Buy it for Life” approach then this is the one.

Now which one of my kids will I pass this down to?

Lothaen Out

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  1. Harrison Jones · November 21, 2020

    My favorite Range bag! Used it today at the range. This bag holds way more weight than it should!

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