Gear Review: Bravo Concealment SNS-R

Gear Review: Bravo Concealment SNS-R

I have had the SNS-R for about a year now. Due to my ridiculous weekend rotation schedule at work, I have not been able to attend a carbine match (hence my focus on USPSA) for the year to give a competition review of the magazine / flashlight combo pouch. That said, I have taken the SNS-R to the range with me every trip and wear it regularly so I can give some good observations for a full review.

Having broken it in, I have to say that it’s an invaluable magazine holster to have. It runs $69 dollars on Bravo and it gives me a simple system to carry 1 rifle magazine, 1 sidearm magazine, and a flashlight in a low profile manner. I ordered the pouch specifically for PMAG magazines, but it holds USGI, Pmag Gen 2, Lancer magazines, and “kind of” holds Pmag Gen 3. The main issue with Gen 3 Pmag is the rear tab that acts as a magazine stop in the magwell. The magazine has to be manhandled to fit into the SNS-R, but it does fit.

Bravo Concealment SNS-R REview

Once snapped into place, USGI, and Pmag’s have outstanding retention. The lancer will work loose due to the way the molding of the lancer was done… it doesn’t exactly fit the shape of the holster and thus has less surface area to be gripped by the retention. This is not the SNS-R’s fault as the lancer magazine isn’t offered as an option, so I consider it a bonus that it works with them.

Pistol magazines are offered in numerous options (56 total) to fit whatever handgun you might own. I chose the Glock pouch and it has proven just as capable as the AR15 pouch molded along side it. The Magpul Glock magazines fit without issue as well as standard OEM Glock magazines. The retention is strong, and adjustable, so I have not had any issues with the magazines shaking loose.

Last stop is the flashlight. One inch diameter flashlights work in the holster, and my surefire G2X fit without issue and has good retention.

Bravo Concealment SNS-R

Overall the setup is a nice way to carry what you need without going full auto on your gear setup. It’s low profile and it lets you look professional at the range while having access to what you need to practice reloads and other drills. Need a flashlight? We all know how important it is to keep one around as there never seems to be one when it’s needed.

The SNS-R is offered with 1.5 or 1.75 inch belt loops which must be threaded in place on your belt. One thing I would like to see offered are different clip mounting options. Having a few clip options would be cool, as having the capability of just snapping it in to your belt would be great for gearing up quickly. It is only offered as a thread in option at this point in time.

If you want to take a look, head over to Bravo Concealment

+ Good retention

+ Low profile

+ Works with multiple magazines

+ Tons of pistol magazine options

+ Light when and where needed

– Needs quick belt clips as an option

– More AR15 magazine options would be a good addition

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