The A2 is still slick

The A2 is still slick

The A2 Rifle is a slick piece of equipment.

You have to appreciate a weapon that is “antiquated” or passed up by modern variations of the AR15 and yet… does not require further discussion about buffer sizes, recoil impulse, gas system tuning, or other carbine tissue issues. The A2 is antiquated in the respect that if you want to mount certain optics or drop in your favorite night vision equipment (which most shooters probably don’t have anyway) then yes it is antiquated.

However for a weapon who’s parts can be cheaply obtained it makes a excellent backup weapon to your primary rifle. My rifle pictured above is equipped with a Streamlight TLR-1 and a GG&G sling mount. A simple nylon sling compliments the rifle. Top it off with a new micro ACOG and I think it would be about perfect.

When I took it to the range yesterday it was dead nuts reliable and threw all the brass in a neat pile to my right. Cant beat a machine as reliable as the A2. A pleasure to shoot and everyone should have one tucked away for a friend or two. I will eventually make this rifle a competition gun but for now I am trying to master my Modern flat top rifle.



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