Teensy, Tiny Thermal Optics: The T-10 series

Teensy, Tiny Thermal Optics: The T-10 series

As high end technology trickles down into the hands of the common man, we have begun to see a transition from extremely expensive thermal devices to basic thermal devices that are both compact and weapon capable. These are the TP-10 series from Torrey Pines Logic.


These are very small rail mounted FLIR optics with fairly low resolution, but this is a step in the right direction for the prepared consumer. Finally, things are becoming miniaturized and affordable enough to give the citizenry a level playing field against well equipped opponents. The main use I have seen for this optic is on the side of a rail where it can act as a thermal spotter and the target would be engaged with the primary optic at that point… if you could see them. The high end model retails for $699 with each step down in model specs a hundred off the top.

Product Highlights

  • 80 x 60 FLIR Leptons Sensor
  • 50° Field of View
  • 8 to 14 μm Spectral Response
  • 30 Hz Refresh Rate
  • White Hot/Black Hot/Green/Color Polarity
  • Non-Uniformity Correction Calibration
  • Temperature Read-Out
  • Auto-Power Save Mode Protects Battery
  • Shuttered Sensor
  • Quick Release Mount for Picatinny Rails

I must say, these are exciting times. FLIR for everyone! I do so want one.

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