Something Different…

Something Different…

So my latest build has come together. It looks a bit OFF… I wanted to build a modernized A2 to represent users who still have an A2 somewhere in the back of the safe. Well so far I have no idea what to think of it. Have a look:


It’s a modge podge of gear. Magpul MOE handguards, a Vltor A5 stock, ergo grip, and a bushmaster muzzle brake.

It is a little heavy. The MOE handguards are robust and a little weighty. I was surprised at how chunky they feel. I do not find them as comfortable as standard A2 handguards since I cannot wrap my hand around them as easily. The Vltor A5 is also a bit of an oinker. The rifle is well balanced but it does feel a bit meatier than my primary rifle. I need to invest in a digital scale to compare components.

On a side not I put some glass on layaway. I think some basic optics are a very practical thing for a rifleman. Things still on the article to do list: Upper receiver assembly guide, article on shooting basics, and touch on sling use.

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