Rifle is Finished

Rifle is Finished

LMT Daniel Defense Sabre

Finally finished my rifle this week. Saved a good deal of money shopping on AR15.COM and their equipment exchange. Scored the LMT rear BUIS for 80 dollars vs 120 dollars retail. You can find some really good deals by hanging out on the EE. After obtaining my BUIS on Thursday I had the opportunity to shoot on Saturday with a gentleman I met at work. We both brought our AR15’s out to play. I am happy to report there were no misfires and no malfunctions. So far I shot 60 rounds through the weapon. By no means do I think this is adequate for calling my rifle reliable but I am pleased that it functioned without issues.

The upper receiver is composed of the following:

Sabre defense 20 inch 1:7 twist chrome lined govt profile barrel

Daniel Defense flat top upper receiver with M4 feedramps

Rainier Arms “thunderbolt”

LMT chopped carry handle

The rifle weighs in at 7.6 lbs unloaded with a 20 round PMAG inserted and a nylon web sling.

The range session involved getting on paper and shooting casual groups. Sometime soon I will be returning to the range to shoot at simulated 300 yard targets as a basic assessment of my skills and will post the results. The targets I will be using will be available for download.

I was invited to come out for some XTC matches and was offered the opportunity to get some coaching on how to shoot. I will be taking advantage of this opportunity, but outside of XTC matches I will keep in mind my intended purpose… to squeeze every ounce of accuracy out of a combat rifle with basic gear. No NM sights, no Tanner slings, no major shooting aids other than perhaps some match ammo. Still I need to learn how to shoot and these regulars are sure to teach me a thing or two.

It was a good day to shoot and I look forward to even better days of the spring season. 

P.S. readers: If you are going to help someone install a trigger, don’t just assume you need just a punch. Doh!

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