State of the build

Whew, I got a great deal of traffic for that lower receiver build!

Currently I am on track to complete my rifle this month.

I have a FN 20 inch barrel on the way and it looks like Rainier Arms will be my source for parts.

I have done much business with Rainier Arms in the past and they always deliver. No drama.

I cannot recommend them enough.

I had been mulling around the idea of building a A2 clone but that will be for another project in the future. As much as I want an A2 I need to keep this blog relevant to the interest in those who own an A2 and a flat top. The best way I see this being accomplished is with a flat top and either a detachable carry handle or a chopped handle. The drum sight of the A2 / A4 carry handle offers so much more than any BUIS currently on the market. While there are some back up iron’s that offer remarkable adjustability (such as the KAC micro) they just cannot ultimately compare to the durability or adjustability of the drum sight.

I fully intend to learn to utilize it to the fullest extent possible.

Two apertures, ability to adjust below the 300m zero (with a revised sighting method), and a tough assembly are all very good reasons to run with the drum.

I intend to review many adjustable elevation back up irons in the future as well so stay tuned.

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