Larue vs Geissele: the Tortoise and the Hair?

Larue vs Geissele: the Tortoise and the Hair?

It looks like Larue is getting into the trigger game, and they will have allot of catching up to do courtesy of Geissele Automatics.

The Larue MBT-2S touts the following features:

  • A 2 stage, 4.5 lb trigger (2.5/2)
  • Made from S7 tool steel
  • Fancy talk about slowing down and making things right yada yada

Until people get their hands on the MBT-2S, we just won’t know how it compares to Geissele triggers. 

Well, we can compare the price: the Geissele G2S two stage retails for $165, while the MBT-2S will set you back $249. Larue is going to be playing catch up against a competitor with a stellar reputation and a cheaper trigger.  Better start running.


Written by lothaen


  1. Matt · November 13, 2014

    Everything LaRue makes is quality. Period. The end. If someone else makes the same thing LaRue makes, even if it is half the cost, it is likely that LaRue will blow the other one out of the water. For examples look at their rifles, uppers, rails, mounts, etc etc. You just can’t beat their quality, fit, and finish. If they made a refrigerator I would buy it sight unseen.

  2. Matt · December 25, 2014

    Why compare it to geissele’s cheapest two stage?
    I have to agree with comment above. If mark larue can’t dominate it stays in his head til he can. There wasn’t a deadline or a budget for this trigger. This trigger will replace the “black gold” ar gold trigger in their rifles so for larue to do that it would HAVE to be a step in the right direction. That being said the ar gold is considered the best period sooooooo I’d have to say larue has just demonstrated their ability to knock big names off the pedestal yet again.

    • lothaen · December 29, 2014

      I want to dominate the market of high end toasters and refrigerators. These high end systems will toast bread better than normal toasted bread, and the refrigerator will cool my food to 32 degrees better than other refrigerators can cool my food to 32 degrees.

      Seriously, at what point is wanting “the best” financial masturbation? If it is superior in every way to any categorically similar Geisselle trigger then hats off to Larue, but how many of us are at such a level that hitting our target is determined by a $245 trigger? I am willing to bet very few individuals are at such a level and at the highest level of competition the phucker factor is a far bigger determination to a win or a lose than Mark Larue’s trigger.

      • Matt · January 12, 2015

        Very well said.. To a point..for the average guy.. Stick with an alg.. But for the guy shooting say a silhouette match you want the same predictable feel EVERY TIME.. You want a light crisp trigger that’s like I said.. Repeatable.. Predictable. And with that comes a price.

      • Will · September 5, 2016

        Why wouldn’t someone want to be equipped to make those shots count at range? It’s much easier to do when the equipment you have is actually helping instead of being a hinderance. Those of us who actually shoot at distance know this firsthand. Those that do not or have no inclination to shoot small refined groups, would not.

  3. Ron · March 5, 2015

    I entered almost every day to win on with no luck. So I just went and bought one. I installed my MBT Trigger with great expectation . Installation was very nice with a tight fit and looks really clean. Well I was very disappointed The first stage feels like creep or more like slop and the break is hardly crisp at all. I Would like to have my money back. In my opion they have a lot of work to do or if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Just buy a Geissele and never have a doubt in your mind you have the best trigger available. Doubt me and I will gladly trade you.

    • Texas Equine · October 18, 2015

      Exactly, La Rue attempts to reinvent the fork. Only a narcissistic ego requires that distinction. And by the way, what marksmanship accomplishments of any kind what so ever has Mark LaRue attained? Anyone? I’ll stick to a company built by someone that knows how to shoot like JP.

  4. Matt · September 5, 2016

    I like a rifle to have a crisp trigger with as little over travel as possible. Bolt gun, AR and shotguns too. Everyone from the first time shooter to the seal team hitter will have imidiate and noticeable improvement in shot placement with a quality trigger. The guys that want to cry about heavier triggers on a service rife for safety need to spend more time worrying about the safety selector and where their finger rides before the decision to fire is made. Keep you bugger picker off the go switch until you’re ready to send rounds. A light and smooth trigger with a clean break makes a weapon more controllable and that makes a shooter more confident in his weapon. Shooting is 99% mental and 1% physical, give your mental every advantage you can and train your body to do that 1% without thought. Full disclosure: I have a larue trigger in my rifle, got it cheap and new off eBay!!! Geissele, CMC, and lots of other companies make great triggers in one and two stage design that would vastly improve the shootability of any AR style rifle. But wtf do I know, I’m just some guy on his smart phone.

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