Kerm-Lock Universal Rail Adapter: Making Standard Hand-guards Modular Again

Kerm-Lock Universal Rail Adapter: Making Standard Hand-guards Modular Again

Modular rails got you down? Wish your A2 could accept some M-Lok goodness without ruining the classic lines? Your department won’t let you change the circa 1990 issued carbine and you need a light?  Welcome to Kerm-Lock. The Kerm-Lock system is a modular light mount for A2, M4, and CAR handguards.

I was sent the Kerm-Lock for T&E by after contacting the company. I was curious about the system after I discovered it via Google.

So what is it?

The KL system is a machined delrin picatinny rail assembly which attaches to a “standard” plastic hand-guard by means of a cam and locking system. It securely fastens without modification to your hand-guard. It’s so simple that I am really dumbfounded by the ingenuity.

Kerm-Lock Rail M-Lok Alternative (34)

I would wager to say that if the Kerm-Lock system had been around in the late 90s to early 2000s, it could have kick-started the modular accessory concept. Everyone had A2, CAR, and M4 hand-guards and early picatinny rail systems were heavy and expensive. It’s one of those accessories I wish had existed years ago when the assault weapon ban sunsetted. That said, it’s a good product for shooters who prefer to maintain a KISS rifle with the stock plastic furniture. Not every rifle in your safe requires the M-Lok / KeyMod “modernization” treatment.

Kerm-Lock Rail M-Lok Alternative (14) Kerm-Lock Rail M-Lok Alternative (15)

Kerm-Lock Rail M-Lok Alternative (10)

The cam pulls the bolts upwards which in turn compresses the polyurethane doughnuts. This traps the system in place.

I am a big proponent of keeping all your rifles ready to go for anything. The advances from the A1 to the modern civilian carbine are immense, but the bullet behaves the same way it always has. You have to see your target, and you have to engage the target without disrupting the sights. On an old school iron sight rifle, this is far more complicated at night. There are several competing products that attach to the rifle via screws or clamps, but breaking out the loc-tite and screwdriver is not what I would consider modular.

Kerm-Lock Rail M-Lok Alternative (23)

Before Kerm-Lock I WECSOG’d lights on to my A2 rifle. This works, but modularity requires clippers.

Kerm-Lock Rail M-Lok Alternative (36)

After Kerm-Lock: Quick attachment allows me to trade the Kerm-Lock and light between rifles in seconds.

The Kerm-Lock really does pop off in seconds and it can easily jump from carbine to carbine, rifle to rifle. The animation below should show just how easy it is to install, and it’s just as fast to remove.


As you see from the photos, the lever has great clearance and keeps away from the large “rifle kit” knob of a Streamlight TLR-HL.

Kerm-Lock Rail M-Lok Alternative (38)

I like the Kerm-Lock system, and it feels just right for KISS or classic rifles. It solves a problem by thinking outside the box and adds modularity to simple rifle setups. The Kerm-Lock retails for $59 dollars and can be purchased here.

Wrapping up:

This is a good product for people who still like to keep it simple. (You still exist right?) Another point the designer noted is that some officers cannot fit a light for their carbine in certain weapon racks. The Kerm-Lock can be attached in seconds so adding a light once the carbine is out of the rack is a simple affair.

So far I don’t see any glaring flaws with the system. Twisting it, bumping the TLR against hard corners, and attempting to pull the assembly off by hand proved futile. It’s solid. I will update readers if it snaps off down the line, but honestly the Kerm-Lock appears to be stronger than the usgi handguards. I would fear them breaking before the KL.

Update: added a coupon code “TheNewRifleman” to their checkout. Add that code for 15% off for the next 30 days. (Added 10/20/17)

Lothaen Out!

Disclaimer: I was sent the Kerm-Lock system from the manufacturer for test and evaluation, and there is no commission earned by the new rifleman for any Kerm-Lock products sold. Prior to this article, I had no contact or relationship within the company.

Written by lothaen


  1. Mark H. · October 19, 2017

    Pretty ingenious for sure…like you’d said “thinking outside the box.” The Inforce weaponlight would surely be right at home with an even lower profile and better access to the ‘thumb pad’, IF you like the Inforce lights that is.

  2. A. Mann · October 26, 2017

    Elzetta’s ZFH1500 is another mount that works with traditional handguards/front sights. It has been out for a while. Not quite as modular and only allows one mounting location (beneath front sight), but also much cheaper, found as low as $17 right now. Options are good!

  3. DC · November 8, 2017

    I wish I found this product 2 years ago. My department is very restrictive on modifying (read no lights, vfg’s, optics etc) issued duty rifles and I have needed something I could throw on and go and take off easily. This fit the bill and works well so far.

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