Hornady 62 Grain BLACK Accuracy Evaluation:

Hornady 62 Grain BLACK Accuracy Evaluation:

The 62 grain “Black” ammo is a fairly new offering from Hornady which is specifically marketed for black rifles.

I had high hopes that the 62 grain black ammo would be an accurate and cost effective loading since it appears to omit the steel penetrator of the SS109 “green tip” cartridge.


Handsome packaging and shiny brass. If looks could kill…

SS109 and has always sat below ball offerings such as 55 grain M193 in the accuracy dept due to the difficulty in centering the steel penetrator during the manufacturing process. Hopefully omitting the penetrator will give the Hornady 62 grain bullet a boost in accuracy and give shooters a loading that is superior to 55 grain ball in overall ballistics. The ballistic coefficient is .274 (g1).

The test mules for this accuracy evaluation were Teludyne Tech’s Straight Jacket over a Criterion barrel and a Colt HBAR 20 inch barrel.


The test rifles where a Teludyne Tech Straight Jacket and Colt HBAR.


Straight Jacket M4E1 making ready.

For a accuracy reference, I want readers to know that at least one of the rifles is indeed sub-moa gun. Take note of the Straight Jacket’s accuracy capability with this ten round group shot the same day as this test:

STJ 8-21-17 On Target Hornady 53 ELD match

Your interest still piqued in the Straight Jacket? Hurricane Harvey interrupted my final accuracy review of the Straight Jacket and final range trip. Coming Soon!

Still A 2 MOA Loading:

Hornady Black 62 grain HBAR Straight Jacket

The Hornady 62 grain black averaged out at 2.15 MOA between both rifles. If accuracy is your goal, then perhaps it would be best to pass the 62 grain offering for a different product. The rifle tag is marked STJ (Straight Jacket) but note here that the Straight Jacket group was on the left, and the Colt HBAR grouping on the right.

Neither the Criterion / Straight Jacket or the Colt HBAR could wrangle the 62 grain Black into less than a average of 2.15 MOA between both rifles. This was a bit disappointing to me as I wanted some data to show that the ammo was a low cost and accurate loading. Retailing at around 12 dollars for a box of 20 makes me hesitant to recommend this ammo for accuracy minded applications.

Terminal performance was not evaluated. At this time I will leave that up to the many YouTube channels and resources available. Keep watching for further testing of this product line to include the heavier loadings.

As always, thanks for reading!

Written by lothaen


  1. ben dover · September 6, 2017

    I know this is off topic, but i recently picked up a Trijicon Accupower 1-4x for cheap (green segmented circle). Was hoping you had recommendations on 30mm rings. Currently looking at the ADM 30mm QD rings or Aero lightweight non-qd rings. Thanks & keep your powder dry.

    • lothaen · September 7, 2017

      I do like my Aero Lightweight mount, and if weight is a consideration then go for the Aero. If you want a nut based mount, I am currently evaluating the 30mm and 1 inch Warne systems. I do like them but at this time I cannot comment on their return to zero until I have additional testing. They are clean, appear well made, and are affordable.

  2. RDSII64 · September 6, 2017

    Go to midsouth shooters supply and get some Hornady 62 grain BTHP’s
    Get you some once fired lake city brass
    Get you some wolf small rifle magnum primers.
    Get you some AA2520

    Do your usual brass prep
    Load 25.9 grains of AA2520 and seat to mag length.

    I get sub MOA with a match barrel and 1.5 MOA with a BCM nato chambered chrome lined barrel.

  3. Scamp · September 7, 2017

    What scope/mount are you using for your accuracy tests? I haven’t seen it mentioned before.

  4. TIMOTHY RHODES · February 18, 2018

    Picked me up some of this ammunition too. We share the same thoughts. Shot out of LWRC 16 inch DI. Groups were around 1.5 to 2 inches ar around 50 yards. If you’re looking for accuracy.. best go somewhere else

  5. Maz2331 · April 20, 2022

    It is a very good FMJ. Note that Hornady sells the bullets in a bulk pack of 5500 that you can find for under 600 bucks. Compare that to Sierra BlitzKings that go for 160 for only 500. Yes the BKs are more accurate, but the FMJ can be worked up into an MOA load.

  6. Big Stinky · May 6, 2022

    No where did you mention the twist rate of the barrels used.

    This makes the test hard to take seriously.

    Twist rate is extremely important to consider when evaluating 5.56 ammo.

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