GWACS Armory Buttplate: A Slightly Shorter LOP for your A2

GWACS Armory Buttplate: A Slightly Shorter LOP for your A2

Aaaah the A2 stock. Too long… Alternatives? A surplus A1 stock? A viable choice. What about the Cavalry Manufacturing A1 stock? Kinda flimsy, and uses funny sling swivel not compatible with the detachable web sling hardware. What about a Colt CS stock? $200 cool bucks, if you can find one. Pass. How about the Magpul MOE fixed stock? Looks weird. Just my opinion. Pass.

So maybe you already have a A2 stock and you want to shorten the length of pull… what options are available?

A while back I stumbled upon the GWACS Armory buttplate. Though it is made specifically for the MKII polymer lower receiver, the description reads that it is compatible with A1 and A2 stocks. I ordered one right away.

The stock is a clean, flat black anodized piece with sharp checkering. It’s a what you see is what you get kind of product.

There aren’t much in the way of features to talk about. It eliminates access to the storage compartment and shortens the length of pull about 1/4 an inch over the stock A2 trap door assembly. It’s metal.

Gwacs armory A2 grip Screw

Some experiementing was in order…

Included in the order was some screw hardware which is not compatible with the A2 stock assembly. This is under standable since its really designed for the MKII polymer receiver, but as it’s advertised as being compatible with A1 and A2 stocks, we need the right screws in the kit. I immediately tried the stock hardware that came with my A2 and it fit, but I had some concern over the length of the screw protruding into the buffer tube since the buttplate ¬†was shortened. Also, due to the design of the buttplate, the A2 spacer must be omitted or cut down if you still want it to bridge the gap between the receiver extension and buttplate. I ommited cutting the spacer until I feel bored and decide to cut one down. Until then, everything still feels solid.

With the stock in place I examined the inside of the receiver extension and noted that the screw protruded into the extension due to the shorter buttplate assembly. I found a solution to this problem by utilizing a simple 1/4 inch washer from Lowe’s and the stock A2 screw. The washer added just enough space to prevent the A2 grip screw from riding into the buffer tube, it was a right fit and that washer is likely there permanantly, but it’s finished.

1/4 washer

The piece is well machined with diamond checkering. It is aggressive and sharp. The whole assembly is machined aluminum and is anodized flat black.

While the difference in LOP is minimal, it certainly helps to make the A2 a bit more comfortable.


My only suggestion to GWACS is to offer a screw and washer combo in 1/4-28 thread pitch to allow it hassle free installation on the A2 assembly. The sling swivel screw installed without issue on my two US made A2 stocks. It did not fit on the UTG A2 stock as it was milled differently in the sling swivel area. It would need to be drilled further into the plastic to permit the screw some extra length to tighten without bottoming out. Again, it fit both US made stocks without issue in the sling swivel slot.

So with the correct upper screw and or washer, the assembly is a good addition for shooters who wish the A2 was a tiny bit shorter. My only other change will be to blast it with bedliner to cut down a bit on the aggressive checkering and to add some rubber grip against different materials. As it is, the checkering is dangerous aggressive. If you hit someone with this stock, expect lots of skin to remain on the stock. Tiny little ribbons of skin. Ouch. It grips the shoulder like sandpaper and that’s some solid checkering! The buttplate retails at 28.95

This article was written, produced, photographed, and edited from my phone. Torture! My desk needs to come out of storage.

Till next time!

Written by lothaen


  1. honeycomb · May 5, 2016

    I like it .. good info.

    Time to get one for my national match rifle .. but, I’d better check the rules first.

  2. Sunshine_Shooter · May 12, 2016

    I’ve never messed with an A2 stock, but I have to wonder: Just how much difference does a quarter inch make?

    • lothaen · May 12, 2016

      Admittedly not too much, but it’s hard to argue against the solid construction of the A2 and current A1 offerings aren’t quite up to par. The slightly shorter LOP is appreciated though. Getting nose to charging handle is slightly less of a forced neck position with this buttplate.

  3. M · September 11, 2019

    If only this was still offered…

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