New Trijicon Products!

New Trijicon Products!

Looks like Trijicon has some new products hitting the shelves.


Trijicon is releasing various models in several Cerakote colors. whatsnew_bacog

In addition they have bequeathed upon us the TA02 LED ACOG with new reticles.  The chevron and the horseshoe are new additions to the TA02 product line.

These new items look like a response to Browe Tactical’s products which have multiple color schemes and different battery illuminated reticle options.

If only they would compete with a price war…

Written by lothaen

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  1. A User · May 25, 2014

    I am happy to see Trijicon including some newer (and better) reticles in the battery powered lineup. But I really wish they would incorporate the battery into a TA-11 or TA-33 housing instead. The big downfall of the TA-31 housing is the relatively short eye relief that precludes a lot of back up iron sights. A lot of three gunners much prefer the TA-11 due to longer eye relief and more forgiving sight picture, and putting the battery housing on an optic like that would distinctly set it apart from the Browe unit, which is almost identical to the TA-31.

    I could take it or leave it on the TA-33. The big plus of the TA-33 is the longer eye relief and light weight. The added weight of the battery might negate the lightweight benefits.

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