Knight Armament’s Best Product

Knight Armament’s Best Product

Their best product isn’t what you would expect. It saves you time and money. It’s compatible with any rifle you own.  I have owned Knight’s Armament Bullet Flight for a few years now and I finally put it to use.

The program is a full featured ballistics calculator you can download to your smartphone. I thought it was neat, but after using it to work my zero on my AR15A2 project rifle, I’m now convinced that it is an essential range tool.

I sighted in my A2 rifle at 100 yards with a 69gr Sierra Match King projectile loaded with 23.4 grains of Accurate 2230. I didn’t know what to expect as my goal was to get this rifle on target at 100 to 500 yards… And sunlight was fading.

Kac Bullet Flight (2)

I don’t have a chrony, so my load had to be a rough estimate in the velocity department. Online people are pushing this projectile at roughly 2700 fps and that’s the velocity I used for my calculations.

With the rough estimate in place I put in the local temperature, elevation, zero (@100 yards) and the click input. My rifle has a 1/2 MOA adjustable drum and a 1/2 MOA windage adjustment. I brought up the calculation page and started working steel at 200 yards.


200 yards with small steel swingers was easy at +3 clicks.

300 yards on man-sized silhouette was also spot on at +8 clicks.

400 yards was an easy to remember +15 clicks. Still connecting.

At 500 yards +23 clicks got me on steel consistently.

I was extremely satisfied with how quick it was to walk this load out to 500 yards. Each adjustment got me the results I wanted. No waisted ammo. No guesstimates.

Just results.


A large projectile library

If you are looking for an excellent tool to aid you with data… Bullet flight is just what you need. I purchased this a while back and spent $5 on it if I recall… there are three available versions to suit your level of ability. I can’t wait to take more advantage of the program in the future.

Written by lothaen


  1. David Walters · September 29, 2017

    You don’t have a chronograph? Why? The magnetospeed sporter is less than $200 and is very well respected already and it’s reputation is gaining steam every month.

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