Dang Good Glass on Blowout!

Dang Good Glass on Blowout! is blowing out the weaver grand slam tactical mil/mil 3-10 variable. I own a version of this optic in the form of the 10x Burris Elite, and it’s an outstanding value for a durable, rugged, and simple optic. I just received my Weaver 3-10 in the mail and it made by the same Japanese company as the Burris Elite model, no doubt about it.

This optic was originally sold for for $349 and even has Midway labels indicated on the box art. Natchez must have gotten a killer deal on this glass, and they are selling it wholesale. It’s a 1 inch tube, features raised, tactile turrets, and can be rigged with a home made zero stop. I have examined the optic and noted that it would do well as a 0-800 yard scope before running out of mil rotation on a 0 moa scope mount with typical rifle loads.

It’s $219 right now at Natchez. Interested? Click Here. 

I do not make commission form so I am truly here to let like minded rifleman know that there is a Japanese variable well worth its 16 oz weight waiting for you.

Written by lothaen

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  1. khezcorner · August 13, 2018

    Great scope, my first precision optic. By the way I’m loving your page. I used to write a couple of years ago. Here’s my article about the scope

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