Aero Precision Releases Thunder Ranch Colab Carbine Parts

Aero Precision Releases Thunder Ranch Colab Carbine Parts

Aero Precision has released their new product line collaboration with Thunder Ranch. They are selling complete uppers and complete lowers as well as individual parts. The carbine looks like a solid entry for a “Special Edition” rifle and parts. It looks like a basic Aero Precision build with a few tweaks from the team at TR.

The upper is equipped with standard Aero components such as the Atlas R One rail, a Ballistic Advantage barrel, and an Aero BCG, but removes the forward assist.

The lower is rounded out with an ALG QMS trigger and Magpul furniture and has a weight-reducing cutout around the magazine well.

Seems solid enough…

Now, dear readers, I must regale you with a tale that Clint Smith likely wants to be scrubbed from the internet. He has deleted youtube videos, and it’s existence is acknowledged only in hushed snickers. You see, a few years ago his team produced another, more infamous Thunder Ranch gun


Functional? The bullets will come out the right way, yes… But it’s still slightly retarded. A precision rifle with a carbine gassed rifle length pencil barrel for almost 3k? Yes. I like the Aero Precision collaboration much more. The parts are way more affordable too. No, I won’t be reviewing one since I pretty much have one in the safe already. Bust out the Dremel and I can build a Thunder Ranch clone so good:

Aero Precision Carbine

Check the gear out at Aero Precision.

Written by lothaen


  1. Doc J · May 13, 2020

    I was actually kinda disappointed when I saw my aero email yesterday. Other than the pinned flash hider on the 14.5” it was insignificant.

  2. Martin · May 14, 2020

    “Weight reducing cutout around the magazine well”

    So they decided to cater to the tactards and mall ninjas?

    • D.S. · May 18, 2020

      From the video I saw of Clint smith explaining the cutout, it was to help clear malfunctions on which you have to pull the BCG back manually. Some people don’t have long enough fingers to reach up the mag well, now they have a shortcut through the cutout. I still don’t think this rifle is worth it though.

  3. Sunshine_Shooter · May 17, 2020

    Where did you find the old TR rifle pic? I went looking for it a few years ago and couldn’t find it anywhere.

    • lothaen · May 17, 2020

      I’m literally the worst ar15 nerd in the entire world. I surf arfcom every day since 2002. I remember things and its not healthy.

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