Your Rifle and SHTF

Your Rifle and SHTF

I have to recommend a book to you guys. The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse

I read through the book written by Fernando “FERFAL” Aguirre and really enjoyed the content. It reads as a story of Argentina’s economic collapse and the scenarios that have been thrown into the common man’s lap. The book is great and I suggest you get a copy of it for the insightful look into how a community collapses and the (bad) changes that come with it.

What I want to relay to you are some of his thoughts during a SHTF type event. In his experience with Argentina’s collapse, the government was still viable and clung on through the worst of it. That means law enforcement and martial law was still present during disaster time and one couldn’t just patrol the neighborhood with an AR15 slung on their back. Just like now, the police would stop the individual and question or arrest him. So what role does the rifle play in a SHTF event?

What Would *Your* Situation be?

I hope we never face a true SHTF national emergency. As we saw in New Orleans the police aren’t afraid to arrest the law abiding gun owner and then let him or her be victim to the criminal element. In that event other states sent resources (manpower) to help patrol and aid certain areas. I have to think about my situation… Would policing or national guard increase resources in my area? Would they shift resources elsewhere? Would I be alone with my neighbors to mostly fend for ourselves? Well that depends on the event and its magnitude I suppose.

This seems to be a good rule of thumb based on my interpretation of FERFAL’s experience: if your out alone the rifle stays home. I imagine that there are people who would kill you for your equipment and it would be best not to stick out like a sore thumb. Lo-key is going to be essential for most SHTF type situations. As FerFal discussed in his book the pistol would be your primary weapon during a SHTF event.


Resisting a tyrannical government is involved. If this scenario were to ever play out and people had to fight in a united front the rifle’s would need to come out and play. See Syria. Funny how Obama can arm Syrian rebels with automatic weapons and surface to air missiles to combat a “tyrant” yet he would pursue domestic policies to disarm us of our “assault rifles”. Can you say Hypocrite with a capital H?

Wrapping Up:

We have to think about our own personal situation and SHTF. In many cases the rifle should stay put and you should deploy a lo-key approach to security and self defense. Out of sight out of mind. Concealable body armor. Street clothes. Concealed handgun. All of these are items that the book’s author would recommend for a day to day basis. My rifle wouldn’t do my family much good if I was in jail after I was arrested for patrolling my neighborhood with it. However some situations would require the rifle as a primary tool of self preservation. See Syria as a prime example of why our rifles are absolutely essential tools.

FerFal discusses this topic more in-depth at his blog: read his thoughts here.

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