The Best Prices on Trijicon Acogs are at… Amazon?

The Best Prices on Trijicon Acogs are at… Amazon?

If you are looking for a great deal on an ACOG, you should probably jump on this now before it goes away.

The deal is done. Looks like Amazon is back at 1K costs for new acogs. It was good while it lasted! Hope you got one.

I was looking around for gun products today and noticed that Amazon seems to have the best deal on the Trijicon Ta31F. This is odd since I *thought* Trijicon enforced a minimum advertised price on their products.

Oh well… better jump on this if you want one. I purchased my ACOG as a used demo model and I still paid more than this. The Ta31F is calibrated for a a 62 grain projectile traveling at 3050 FPS.  This calibration lands it somewhere between a 20 inch barrel and a 14.5 inch barrel. The BDC will work with a variety of barrel lengths… just be sure you are mounting it to a flat top; this model will not adapt to a carry handle well at all.

Want a Acog? Click Below.  Shipped and Sold by

780.08 Amber TA31F


Updated: Amazon is back to normal prices. Hope you got in on it if you wanted that ACOG.

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