The B27 at 600 yards

The B27 at 600 yards

Finally got a chance to shoot at 600 yards and I was stoked to do so. So far I have been shooting at the steel targets for practice but today we had a crew working the pits. The only way to shoot at 600 at my range is to take turns working the frames and dropping and marking the targets. I made these hits on a B27 with the A2 rifle with AE 55 grain 5.56.

I used a 6 o’ clock hold and was dialed in to the 6 mark on the elevation drum. The A2 rifle shot beautifully and the irons worked as they were intended. At this ranges i DID sling up to steady the shot with a nylon sling. The red circles are mine, and the rest of the dots are various other shooters from the day. The rifle is a 20 inch A2 rifle non-free floated with standard A2 Irons. As we saw a few weeks ago we had someone do the same task at 1000 yards with a rack grade A2.

This is a testament to Eugene Stoner’s design and just goes to show you that our AR15’s certainly capable machines… Even the old non-popular models

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