Strike Industries Ultimate Dust Cover

Strike Industries Ultimate Dust Cover

Dust covers have a simple job. They protect from dust, and flip out-of-the-way when you fire your rifle. Do we really need an ultimate?

Not really, however, dust covers seem to be customized and upgraded non-the-less. Laser etching is a popular upgrade, as our rifles are actually marquees that advertise how awesome we are. When your flip open dust cover reads “fear this”… well, we all better stand back.

Just Kidding. We don’t have to take our rifles seriously at all times, so if you want a new dust-cover that looks slicker than normal and is easy to install, Strike Industries has something for you.

Strike Industries Dust Cover install

Installation involved pushing a spring-loaded rod until it snaps in place on the upper receiver.

Strike Industries UDC

Looks good. The product can be ordered in a couple of different designs, but I went with vanilla.

Not much to say about the product. It looks clean and installs easily. It feels like a nice composite plastic, and it snaps into place with a good fit. I ordered this product because I forgot to order a normal dust cover the last time I made a bulk purchase from Midway. Doh! I had to place a separate order to finish my rifle and thought I would give the UDC a shot.

Dirty A2 with Ears

Overall, the dust cover has a very slick look to it which I don’t mind at all. My budget A2, as seen above, has the UDC in place and is looking sharp. Need one? Go to Strike Industries Here.

*note: Strike Industries is not a site sponsor.

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