MagPul MOE WECSOG Sling Mount: When Poverty and a Drill Make Love

MagPul MOE WECSOG Sling Mount: When Poverty and a Drill Make Love

Magpuls MOE handguards are some of the most robust and durable pieces of plastic you can┬áslap on your rifle or carbine, but they forgot one thing….

Where do we mount a sling? I mean, like a good spot? What? You want me to pay $18 dollars for your name brand MLOK mount!

WECSOG Skills ACTIVATE!!!!!111


A hole. A single hole. I cracked the system. I wrote the code. I out-played you Magpul.

magpul Moe handguard sling (3)

Step 1. Gather supplies.

magpul Moe handguard sling (4)

Step 2. Use supplies. De-burr hole with round file and or pocket knife.

magpul Moe handguard sling (5)

Step 3. Tie a loop of para-cord off with a knot, melt knot, and smash it flat. Insert loop from inside of handgard.

Wrapping Up:

Thank you for┬ávisiting the most important sling post I will make as of June 2019. The MOE hand-guards lack good sling placement, and instead of making a fuss or drilling for QD mounts, I chose to WECSOG my way into proper sling placement. If it does’t hold up, I will re-tie another loop, melt it, smash it, and replace it. A near infinite sling swivel for the cost of practically nothing.

Lothaen Out.

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  1. 905Vsa · July 2, 2019

    Oh yeah, better yet you drill two holes and loop it around said two holes on the inside of the handguard. Now there’s no chance of pull-throughs. Just make sure said two holes aren’t too close together, or the plastic bit might pull through instead.

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