Gearing up

So I have been busy buying equipment to help me get out and shoot more.

Sorry about the lack of actual range time readers, but my recent time has been devoted to reloading. 

I just purchased a set of tools to begin reloading my spent casings. A total of $144 dollars was spent on the right tools to do so. 3lbs of powder and 1k of primers cost me $106 dollars. I now need to buy some actual bullets and I will have everything I need. I will be well under budget for a case of 55-62 grain ammo and will save money in the long run. So far the process has been fun and VERY EDUCATIONAL. Not only will I save money on ammo, but I will be producing very accurate ammunition suited for my rifle. Reloading is a all gain no loss situation. I have time on weekends to reload so if you have the time there isn’t a good reason not to get started. It cost much less to start than I anticipated. It can also be very simple if you keep it that way. My setup is very simple and cost effective.

I do have a few other items needed to start shooting at a distance.

Most importantly I need a shooting mat, and spotting scope. Once I acquire those items I can actually start shooting at the distances I wish to learn. Those items are on the list for the next paycheck.

So a bit more gear, a bit more ammo, and more range time for the future. The weather has been GREAT lately and I can’t afford to miss it. 

Written by lothaen

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