Bushmaster Firearms is Gone.

Bushmaster Firearms is Gone.

Not present at SHOT SHOW. The Bushmaster web page re-directs to Remington. It’s all but official. Bushmaster Firearms is gone.

While the “real” Bushmaster continues its operation in Windham, Maine… The brand purchased by Remington outdoor products has quietly disappeared.

The AR15 market in a Republican executive seat world is a slow one. With Obama fanning the flame of the semi-auto market for 8 years… consumers have had their fill. Many of the panic purchasers have their rifles, two magazines, and an Amazon scope with a 3.5-star review. It’s all they need.

The slowdown is real. This is simply Remington culling a dead branch off the tree to keep their other product lines healthy.

I don’t know how much quality was present in Remmy Bushies… But for a long while Bushmaster was part of the ABC group:

Newb: “What AR15 should I get?”

Grizzled Consumer: “ABC. Armalite, Bushmaster, or Colt.”

So it was circa 2004. That roll mark was cool at least.


Written by lothaen


  1. RSR · February 3, 2020

    Guarantee you the brand and likely any intellectual property, like ACR, will be coming up for sale. Maybe Magpul will buy just to manufacture the ACR stock.

  2. Green tip · February 4, 2020

    It’s all part of the corporate “Big mnfr eats LITTLE mnfr, no difference in any other part of the ‘Free market’ equation. Those who innovate & produce for the masses….survive. IF you have a “history” like Bushmaster once did, hopefully you’ll last until being bought out or swept up by the HUGE conglomerate, etc. We (my son & I) have 2 ‘XM15-E2S’ model Bushmasters AR’s. NEVER a problem with either one and they’re about ‘09 era and both are accurate for mil spec rifles. What was once a decent mnfr of good AR’s has been REPLACED several times over by NUMEROUS good companies manufacturing quality AR’s and components. Basically it IS what IT is…

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