AR15A2 Project Rifle Is Ready To Go

AR15A2 Project Rifle Is Ready To Go

I have accumulated and installed all the parts for my project rifle. It is a mish-mash of components and I hope it draws some attention at the range. Quick recap: A few months ago I decided I wanted to keep challenging my skills with the rifle. I decided that I wanted to sharpen basic marksmanship, but I wanted to do so with a “fighting” rifle. I don’t see the point in owning one AR15A2 for high power, and another for tactical competitions / self-defense.

I realize that the DCM setups are akin to stock car racing… everyone is on a more or less level playing field with very similar rifles. That didn’t satisfy me. If the AR15 is as versatile as we say it is, I should be able to take my tactical rifle and compete at a CMP / NRA High-Power event. The only thing is that the rifle has to fit inside the rule book of the CMP / NRA guidelines for me to compete with it.

Challenging Myself

Hence my AR15A2 project was born. I took my A2 rifle and modified it to a CMP legal configuration. Yes the quad rail is legal. I know I wont be able to compete in skill with experienced shooters and my equipment is not “match” level equipment, but…

The goal here is to challenge my marksmanship skills to develop a better understanding of ballistics and reading the wind. Competing with those who have more experience and better equipment will be a serious challenge. Competing in my first tactical rifle event was eye-opening, and I expect the same through CMP events. I may place poorly on the leader-boards, but losing simply shows you what skills suck so you can make them un-suck. Never be afraid to compete in any rifle event.

The AR15A2 Specifications:

  • Chrome lined FN surplus A2 barrel
  • FN bolt
  • WW bolt carrier
  • ALG defense ACT trigger
  • Larue 12.0 handguard purchased used
  • MI sling swivel
  • A2 stock
  • Nylon web sling
  • Armalight NM 1/2 x 1/2 MOA rear sight
  • Black-Hawk same plane A2 aperture


The idea is to have a rifle that is capable of performing in tactical events and marksmanship events. Hooded NM sights would not work so well for self-defense and tactical shooting. Choosing the SP rear aperture lets me zero at 100 yards with my chosen load, and keep the same zero in both bright-light and low-light conditions. The rifle is suitable for tactical matches where I will be competing in the iron sight division.

Wrapping Up

Well here we go. A few years ago I never shot anything but tin cans in the dirt. I eventually learned how to shoot my weapons with a bit of skill by dumping several extra AR15s and concentrating on one. Last year I took my stock A2 rifle to 600 yards for the first time on a man sized target. At that point the A2 was my “spare” rifle, but for this season it will be my primary rifle.

My hope in all this is to become a better rounded rifleman.

Written by lothaen


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  2. Steve · September 21, 2016

    Do you recommend the blackhawk same plane aperture over the XS same plane aperture?

    • lothaen · September 23, 2016

      I do like my blackhawk. I have not used the XS same plane, but the ghost ring looks a little larger than the standard aperture and I am not sure if that would aid in quicker target acquisition.

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