55 Grain Pill

55 Grain Pill

The More the Merrier

The biggest issue I have with the improved ammo is the cost and availability. We are all feeling the scarcity and cost on our wallets. I hope this recent chain of events has encouraged people to stockpile. I thought I was doing OK until the legislative fury hit us. I was wrong. I had an emergency stash of AE223 plus the usable stash and 500 rounds of reloads. Total I had around 800 accessible rounds. I blew through my stash during winter with a competition and some range trips. Mistake noted.

I have a budget. Mortgage, kids, all that… and the 55 grain stuff allows me to shoot frequently and store it like there is no tomorrow. I couldn’t afford the better stuff and still shoot as often. Barely. I can’t wait till the price drops to pre-panic levels… but I am still buying smaller lots during the price gouging and will really stock up once the prices stabilize.

Wrapping Up

I made a mistake of thinking I had enough ammo to practice and enjoy my rifles. Nope. I thought I had accumulated a nice stash of ammo, but now realize that that wasn’t even near enough. 55 grain stuff allows me to stockpile and practice with decent defensive / SHTF ammo. Pass me some more 55 grain please.

Written by lothaen


  1. Bill Butler · April 8, 2020

    Love you man. The rifle is capable of around 800 rounds a minute. Please do the math, if there is a next time … plan ahead, please

  2. D.S. · April 9, 2020

    I’ve decided that after this panic is over, I’m getting atleast 1k rounds per caliber and then per rifle as a safety net. I don’t want to rip below that.

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