Box Stock at 1000 Yards

Shawn over at looserounds has taken his M16A2 clone and Xm855 green tip ammo to 1000 yards on a man sized target.

“That is three rounds out of 10.  Ten rounds of military grade, Lake City
green tip M855. Fired from a contract over run Colt M16A2 upper with 
milspec trigger.  Using a parade sling made from cotton.  Three rounds
of what is the least thought of US issue military ammo made using
nothing more than a sling for support while laying prone and using iron

sights.   I was very pleased.  And I do not feel that three rounds out
of 10 on this size target with this rifle is a paltry accomplishment.  I
have made better shots with much higher quality match guns, I have made
a 1 mile shot, but this is as pleasing to me as any of those other

That is some awesome shooting and a testament to anyone who might be on a budget who wants to learn to be a rifleman. We don’t need tricked out anything… what we do need is the mastery of the fundamentals with an accurate platform. Yesiree that box stock AR15 is an accurate platform. 

See the post here.

Written by lothaen

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