Yes, You Should Bury a Gun.

Yes, You Should Bury a Gun.

IF ITS TIME TO BURY THEM ITS TIME TO USE THEM HURRR! Wait. Let’s stop for a second. Examine. Think. We are not like them. We are logical and calculated. The modern gun owner faces persecution from multiple fronts, our world held together by a few conservative holdout States, Congressmen, and Senators. The idea that we must use the guns the day we intend to bury them has a few problems… namely, you will not know the time, the place, or the circumstances of how liberty dies. You will be an observer re-acting to a situation outside your control.

Maybe it’s a bill that works its way through the house and senate, in a post-Trump era. It gives you a good month to mull over the possibility that you may want to bury some gear. Or perhaps it will be a no-nock raid at 3 AM on a Sunday due to a Facebook comment that labeled you as an “extremist” enough for a judge to red-flag you. The time and the place are often not of our choosing.

The best time to bury a spare rifle is yesterday, the next best time is today. Rifles and pistols are cataloged online. Google, Facebook, etc. keep a database of pictures and, if exposed, serial numbers of each user’s rifle. After all, it’s just a neighborly thing to do as they can assist law enforcement by storing millions of user-uploaded images of guns in a huge corporate database. The time and the place are not of your choosing.

Ideally, you have a rifle that has never been seen by a camera, and is simply not known in a digital sense… the last record your rifle has was the 4473 from a gun-shop in Palo Alto from 1975. From there, it has simply changed hands over and over for the last 50 years at gun shows and from private sales. The original owner dead. You get the idea.

There are many scenarios where you will recognize the time to muster is here. Grab your gear, and defend your way of life. Your spare rifle buried away should you have your first line kit fall out of your hands. A time and a place. It doesn’t have to be a huge box or a big undertaking. Airtight, hard plastic cases are plentiful. Having a spare Glock and some ammo can lead to bigger and better things. It’s not a rifle, but it’s small, easy to bury, and can be retrieved in a hurry.

When you bury your kit, leave your cellphone at home and preferably under a thick summer canopy… Then… tell no one. Not a single soul.

Good Luck.

Written by lothaen


  1. Tom D. · July 8, 2020

    It is a good idea to have a stash somewhere.

  2. Mike · July 12, 2020

    You could just make it really difficult to find, people/cops are lazy aren’t likely to look under that pile of dirty greasy used car parts or the compost pile. This needs decoys to work, got give them something 🤷‍♀️

  3. JB · July 15, 2020

    I mentioned this a few hrs ago..
    Needless to say, i got the usual…
    Blah blah cold dead hands
    I am a free american..haha, good one
    Etc etc etc.

    Mean while, i will always…be able, to deal with the communists, anarchists and just plain ol’ AH’zzz

    When it benifits me the most and them…well, some things ya don’t get to choose.

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