Windham Weaponry’s Budget Friendly Barrels

Windham Weaponry’s Budget Friendly Barrels

Windham Weaponry has been offering more individual parts for AR enthusiasts who like to build their own rifles. Recently their barrel assembly’s have caught my eye. What makes WW’s barrels stand out over other manufacturers?

I would say that they have the price to value ratio just right. 

At around $215 for a stripped barrel, and $245-270 for a complete barrel, WW is offering 1/7 twist, government profile, chrome lining, and 4150 chromoly steel on their barrel assemblies.

For comparison, Rock River Arms offers their barrels with 1/9 twist, 4140 chromoly steel, and chrome lining at around $260 without hand-guards or gas tube. Rock River’s offering is also a heavy barrel assembly. No thanks. I am happy to see WW offer profiles and barrels with the features AR enthusiasts want, especially at this price.

So from a value perspective they have things right, but is there anything being compromised?

The Checklist:

  • Do we have m4 feedramps? Check.
  • Do we have 4150 steel? Check
  • Is it chrome lined with 1/7 twist? Check
  • Does it have a 5.56 Chamber? Check
  • Do we have an f marked fsb? X

So WW didn’t use a F marked fsb? Is this something I can live with? Yes. I have no issues using an extended front sight post if necessary for a flat top build. It is a cheap part, and I won’t be losing any weapon performance from utilizing it. On carbine barrel assemblies the taller post will usually be necessary to get a zero with a standard front sight base, but your mileage may vary.

Not F marked, but I wont lose any sleep over it.

Not F marked, but I wont lose any sleep over it.

Did you know it was Colt who first introduced the extended front sight post to correct the elevation issues on early carbines? 

With all things you need to understand what you are buying and ask yourself if it fits within your intended uses.

My test barrel is a 20 inch government profile barrel in 1/7 twist with chrome lined bore and chamber. The barrel is button rifled. Fans of the 20 inch rifle platform have allot to rejoice over with this offering. It is sometimes difficult to find the government profile barrel in this length and with these features. Aesthetically the product is clean, it arrived well packaged, and it was well oiled.  The plastic hand-guards feel robust and the heat shields are epoxied in place.

DSCF4653 [1280x768 no watermark]

M4 Feed Ramps

A2 Flash Hider

The phosphate finish is smooth and looks great.

The WW barrel looks clean and appears well made. These barrel assemblies are a step in the right direction for WW. Many manufacturers are still holding on to that 1/9 twist rate where as defensive AR theory dictates a move in the direction of heavier projectiles and a faster twist. For the cost, it is a great value so long as its accuracy is on par with barrels of this type. I am hoping for 1.5 MOA or better.

The value to cost ratio on this product is just right, we will see how it performs soon.

Check out their catalog here: Windham Weaponry Online Shopping

I intend to free float this barrel for accuracy testing in the next month or so when my VIS-KM arrives. I will report back with the results! 



Written by lothaen


  1. john · May 2, 2014

    If this barrel you have is a rifle length then not having a f marked fsb would be correct… Perhaps call and ask if their carbine barrels come with the f mark….

  2. Bob G · June 23, 2014

    I have a vex s s 20 in. fluted barrel 1/8 223 . I was told by Windham , and the shop that i dealt with i can also shoot 556 with barrel. Not being sure brought it to club and spoke with a friend ,who is also a gun smith.He tells me if does not say 556 on the barrel do not shoot these rounds. what is your take. thanks.

    • lothaen · June 23, 2014

      I would certainly follow that advice until you can contact Windham directly and get the OK from one of their technicians. The mark on the barrel should always indicate the chamber without question… if it has a 5.56 chamber despite being marked .223 then Windham goofed.

  3. Marc · April 24, 2015

    Did you ever get to test this barrel and how was accuracy?

    • lothaen · April 24, 2015

      It will be coming with me to the next range trip. This barrel and gun got put to the back burner when my third kid came around. I’m bringing it out hopefully next week or thereafter.

  4. Joe K · September 11, 2015

    I’m looking at this barrel as well.
    How’d it go?
    Also, I’m a bit new to this but not afraid to turn a wrench. Anything special I should know about doing the install.

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