The GlockKraft Tactical Trigger Review

The GlockKraft Tactical Trigger Review

Amazing. Prior to this purchase, I didn’t know how good a Glock trigger COULD BE. I tried the 25 cent trigger job. I installed the NY1 trigger spring and the – connector. I tried Ghost and Zev – connectors. Trash. All of it trash. Well, not really… It was time wasted when my money and energy would have been best spent right here.

I should have just purchased this trigger. I shot GlockKraft a email on Monday night and received my trigger on Friday.  My USPSA match was rained out yesterday, so I had lots of time to dry fire and work this trigger over. Here are my thoughts:

Cheap Trigger Tricks vs a Proper Trigger

Let’s talk about my G19 with the NY1 and – connector. The poor mans holy grail of Glock trigger upgrades (along with a nice polishing). As you pull the trigger on this setup, you are pulling through what feels like a three stage trigger. First your finger pulls through to a small ledge or wall, and after applying more pressure you can reach the real “wall” and then a final press and the trigger creeps back and releases the striker. Fair enough. What we have is a long pull with funky stages that we can feel as we press to the rear.

GlockKraft Tactical DAT ALG defense

GlockKraft found a new way. Through magic, or voodoo, or mystical geometry, they have managed to make a stock Glock feel like a new gun. The only trigger upgrade to my SSM equipped G17 was a nice safety plunger polish. Everything else is stock. Enter the GlockKraft Tactical trigger. The take up is like a clean two stage trigger, and is everything a Glock could hope to achieve without butchering the internals with lightened this, and titanium that. First you pull through a light single stage with just a smooth pull to the wall. The trigger does not stack during this first stage. There is also a substantial reduction in pre travel. Once you are past the first stage and at the wall, a smooth pull to the rear releases the striker with a crisp break. The trigger weight appears to be the same as a stock Glock since no other internals were replaced, so keep that in mind.

Construction wise there isn’t too much to talk about. The trigger is jet black with a small indexing ledge at the bottom. The trigger safety is a metal component and it’s all held together with roll pins.

GlockKraft Tactical Trigger

ETS Magazine Review Incoming!

I haven’t tried many other Glock triggers. I haven’t handled the Skimmer, Agency Arms, or Suarez International, but at this point I don’t care. I am that impressed with the GlockKraft trigger that the others might as well not exist since I have a known quantity in front of me and it’s a heavy quantity of kick butt. My Tactical trigger uses the OEM trigger bar which was well polished by GlockKraft. I wont have any shooting time on it until Thursday, but after about 500 dry fires and the fact that it hasn’t replaced any OEM components but the trigger shoe, I am believing this will run just fine in my G17.

Range Update: Had a really good range session where I worked the trigger over, and my impression remains the same. Excellent trigger, crisp break, and positive reset all remain present. The pull weight of the stock trigger is not modified with this trigger, so if you want a lighter pull your going to have to combine this trigger with different connectors or plunger springs, etc. I will try a new connector, but note that the – connector feels to spongy for my tastes so I will try something from Ghost Inc. in the 4.5 lb range. My goal is to keep that crisp break and to lower the trigger pull by a pound or so for extra speed on double taps.

If you are running a stock Glock and are tired of the “good enough” route, go ahead and check out GlockKraft.


Written by lothaen


  1. Duncan · January 29, 2016

    Great read. I would only say that for a competition Glock or range Glock these types of triggers and upgrades are very nice. If your Glock is a duty carry or personal defense Glock, stick with stock Glock parts, like the – connector and NY1 options to improve the trigger.

  2. Glen dutton · March 1, 2020

    Great looking $3. Trigger. $125. Retail disqualifies it. Why do these people try and price gouge so badly? Are there 35 middlemen? Or is it imported from Mars?

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