MOE MLOK Review: Attention to Detail Intensifies

MOE MLOK Review: Attention to Detail Intensifies

I just received a Magpul care package (that I paid for with my own money) to re-evaluate the Magpul MOE MLOK series. I obtained a few accessories from the lineup including a vertical fore-grip, back ordered sling swivel, the 12 inch rifle length MOE, and a cantilever light mount.


This light mount can mount picatinny lights, or can be directly adapted to surefire scout light mounts. If I had a scout, I would gladly test this out.

The series seems to be extremely high quality like most of Magpul’s products, and the plastic appears thicker at the MLOK interface area than I remember in the older MOE line. I am happy to see that Magpul has applied threadlocker to all hardware from so there is no need for the consumer to lock everything down with a tube of blue. The accessories lock up tightly to the hand-guard assembly so well that I am quite shocked; the aluminum cantilever mount installs so securely to the slot that it actually feels as though its a part of the hand-guard. Furthermore, the twisting of the vertical grip produces the slightest gap between the two halves. That’s some impressive lock up.

Magpul MLOK rail

The hardware is stamped MAGPUL. The screws are quality hardware and each has thread locker applied from the factory.

The overall impression I get form the new MLOK MOE series is an attention to detail. Everything throughout the assembly locks up tight, including the MLOK hardware. The heat shield is also an impressive piece as well and has been integrated into the MLOK mount on the bottom of the hand-guard and reaches up into the upper guard.

Magpul MLOK MOE A2

One more slot near the receiver would have been nice for a sling swivel. This seemed obvious, but Magpul didn’t think so.

Wrapping Up:

When I reviewed the original MOE rifle length, I found it to be well made but the value wasn’t as high to me at the time. With Magpul incorporating the MLOK direct mount accessories into the MOE line, the value has increased substantially. If you want to mount a light, grip, etc. on a box stock gun, this is a good option. The thickness of the polymer and the robust design lead me to believe it will be durable and it certainly is affordable.

AR15A2 Magpul Moe

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