Making progress

Making progress

So I went to a rather busy range last Wed. and decided to set my 300 yard target at 400 yards since the 300 yard target holder was full.

I simply set my rear drum to 4 and started some prone sling supported slow fire. I also engaged the white man sized steel target for fun. I didn’t do a self assessment this time but I did manage to make a mark at 400 yards. I didn’t expect much when I drove down range since it was my first time shooting at that distance. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the target holder:

400 yards

12 of 15 shots on paper. I am quite happy. I cannot stress enough the importance of a sling. I own a simple CMP nylon sling that I employed to shoot at 400 yards. My barrel is not freefloated, and I have a standard rear sight (albeit chopped). I hit the target I was aiming for and I hit the steel target several times. I will be writing an article soon to demonstrate the proper employment of a nylon or cotton sling.

400 yards to the bench…

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