Found My Blog Referenced in an Anti-Gun Report

Found My Blog Referenced in an Anti-Gun Report

For shame government. This type of report is exactly why I recommend internet discussion be as civil as possible. When we as a community use terms like “without the government knowing” we set ourselves up in the eyes of “normal” people as skirting the law. It is legal to build your own gun without a serial number, but how we present such information makes our community seem less than legitimate. I am proud to say my blog does not take a negative slant that can be used against our cause. I try to be very matter-of-factual.

Government Report Here

However the government found that my AR15 build guide is a good resource for use in their report to show congress how easy it is to build an AR15.  It is easy. If you don’t own an AR15 yet, pick one up and put it together as a fun project. I promise you the outcome will be worth it. It will be one of the most accurate firearms you will own, and can be deployed in various situations. Hunting, self-defense, competition… you name it, the AR can do it.

Join the team.

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