Gun Shopping with your Corona Stimulus Check like a SIR.

Gun Shopping with your Corona Stimulus Check like a SIR.

There you are, my good man! So, my boy… you have no personal debt? A fat chunk of savings obtained through scrupulous penny-pinching? Healthy as an OX and your family line is immune to Coronaviruses? A 401k that makes the Rothschilds a little bit jealous? Sounds like you are doing pretty well for yourself these days! What’s that you say? You don’t know what to do with the socialist check you are going to be issued? Well, my good sir, have you considered instead of burning it in silent, fruitless protest… to instead invest in FREEDOM? That’s right, though you had no say, you can still use it guilt-free as you have contributed more than your fair share of tax revenue in the past my good man! Purchase yourself a treat to stimulate the economy. Perhaps it will work. Lighthearted chuckle. Do I have any suggestions? Why yes, I do have a few good Sir. READ ON.

The Brownells BRN-601:


Ah, what Stoner actually did do. The BRN-601 is a lightweight, gas-operated, rotating bolt…. blah blah blah. You know what this is. A lite and handy little rifle capable of getting you out to 400 yards with dirt-simple irons. No frills. This would make a good stimulus check candidate as it is on sale and in stock at Brownells. $997.49 is the going rate, so you will have a little extra left for all the necessary accouterments a rifle of this style needs. You know, a sling.

Finnish Armor Carrier and Daypack:


This one is certainly high on the stimulus checklist as well. The Sioen Tacticum plate carrier and daypack. Won’t you be a dandy at the range with your very own set of Finnish tactical gear? While stimulating the American economy is probably the reason you got the check in the first place… it doesn’t hurt to remember that Finland was home to Simo Hayha and we should always support a country with such a good lineage of Riflemen. ALWAYS. This thing looks slick, and with the daypack integrated into the back (a separate purchase to the base carrier set), it could be a sweet little rig for a single day op during the boog, so long as you make it back for dinner and a showerCarrier. Daypack. Plates.

A Tiny ACOG:

ta47R carry Handle

When I think of a general-purpose carbine, I think it needs a general-purpose optic. The 2X ACOG series is an unsung hero of the Trijicon line. It has nearly infinite eye-relief, weighs nothing, and the 2X magnification will help you get hits from 0-400 yards with ease. Trust me on this one, get the crosshair model so when you aim from a dark place to a light place, your reticle doesn’t disappear. While 1k for a mini ACOG seems like a lot for 2x, it is an excellent general purpose optic that goes well on any AR15. Put it on a flat top, or carry handle, and you are ready to rock. Check it out at BROWNELLS.


Palmetto State Armory Review PSA AR15 (4)

As equipped: my base cost $260 for the kit plus lower $40, add sights $300 ish, foamies at 10c and sling about $14 and light $94 equals… oh hell where is my calculator? Screw math, this thing is fun… cute but deadly. Like a baby landshark pitbull.

Lightweight, handy, and burryable… these are perfect for the resistance once the overlords begin implanting their mark of the beast 5G RFID chips into all recipients of the COVID-19 vaccinations a year from now. So, get em while they are hot! The price has gone up on these kits, and PSA says its due to supplier conditions. Maybe rabbit. Maybe. Nevertheless, they remain a fair deal but not as good as when they were $260. Well, who cares about costs rising now!? YOU ARE GETTING MONEY WHICH WILL ONLY BURDEN YOUR DESCENDATS, so buy three, or buy two and equip them with a rear sight and a few magazines.  BULK ORDER FREEDOM HERE.

Wrapping Up:

So do you have any suggestions for our financially secure copatriots? If you have copious amounts of debt, this post isn’t for you since the wise thing would be to pay it down with your stimulus. Then again, we may be at the precipice of the end of the world and perhaps blowing the stimulus check on the important components of a well-armed group will be important as you attempt to control territory, resources, and repel outsiders who wish to take your ground, food, water, and vast gold reserves. I don’t know, they both seem like reasonable scenarios at this point. Your call.

Written by lothaen

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  1. D.S. · April 11, 2020

    Buy an AK if you don’t have one! PSAK GEN3 or the new AK-E are great options as the ammo for them is still very cheap! Still under .25/rd

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