Range Day + Assessment #1

Today was my first day at the range with my simulated 300 meter target. I have them available to download here for 25 yards and here for 25 meters. There is plenty to learn that’s for sure.

I fired from prone, sitting, and freehand standing with no set time limit as of yet.

I set my sight for Z to get a 25 yard zero and commenced firing.

I used a nylon web sling as a shooting aid prone and sitting.

The results are as shown…


So… The first target from the left was shot prone. I fired five shots at each target. I have no idea where the fifth round went on the first target but I do believe I may have shot through the same hole twice as unlikely as that sounds. Otherwise it was one heck of a flier, but since I cannot confirm or deny I am going to call it a miss.

The middle target was fired with sling support from a sitting cross legged firing position. 

The final target was fired from offhand. I need to work on that one a bit. I honestly don’t recall pulling that low but I must have been doing something very wrong.

I need some coaching.

Here is my scoring plan: 10 pts for the ring, 5 pts for outside the ring, 0 for a miss. 5 shots each target.

Prone 20 + 5

Sitting 20 + 10 

Standing 0

So 55 out of 150 possible points. Starting off a little on the low side but the whole point is to learn as I go.

One thing I learned today about targets at three hundred yards (simulated) is that the front sight post covers quite a bit of the target.


That which you see above is approximately what I was working with today. The next step from here is to A try again and B get some training and C order some targets and actually shoot at 300 yards.  I feel my biggest mistake today was not getting a natural point of aim for all my targets. In retrospect I compensated when I should have adjusted my positions to naturally rest my sights on the target.

I suspect either a Appleseed shoot is in my future or some XTC competition to get some marksmanship coaching. Until then I will continue to post shooting assessments.

P.S. readers: Hopefully we should have a comment system up soon. Hope to hear from you then!

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