Primary Arms ACSS Reticle Coming to Trijicon ACOGs

Primary Arms ACSS Reticle Coming to Trijicon ACOGs

I have always wanted an ACOG with wind holds. Whenever I would take the ACOG to 500 or 600 yards I questioned my shot frequently in windy conditions. Did I miss because of the wind call? I didn’t want to dial in clicks on the ACOGs tiny windage dial and possibly lose track of my original zero…

Well here is what I wanted in prototype form: the Primary Arms patented ACSS reticle will be making its way into the Trijicon ACOG line and I am eager to see this reticle as it has those wind values I wish my Ta31F had. I will be filming the PAC4x soon to evaluate how helpful those wind values are as it shares the same reticle with the ACOG prototypes shown here. I am fully HD capable now with 1080p 90x digital zoom and a much better microphone for the job. Let’s film bullets in flight. It will be elegant. Poetic even. Maybe.

Stay tuned for the test of the ACSS 4x.



Written by lothaen

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