NRA… That Was Premature.

NRA… That Was Premature.

It’s hard to fathom the NRA’s strategy here. Capitulation is not a position of strength.

Your job, right now, is to call your Senator and Congressional representatives to ensure that your voice is heard.

No new anti-gun legislation is to be permitted.

If your congressman or senator is firmly in our camp, and it appears there are votes to pass new law… ensure that if any bump fire legislation comes to vote that a “poison pill” is attached. Right now we are in the dark. We dont know what the legislation looks like or who will bring it to vote.

Right now the Share Act and HPA have been pitched as a poison pill. Hopefully it would be enough to cause the gun control bill to crash and burn, but this is a gamble. It will be better if there are not enough votes for the legislation at the get go.

Contact your representatives now.

It’s important to realize that when we barter, someone will decide its a good idea to add a magazine ban into the text as well. Who knows what else is at stake.

It is my belief that bump stocks, pistol braces, and double triggers are a clever ploy by the last administration to entrap 2nd Amendment supporters in exactly this position. It is also my belief that firepower should be unlimited in the hands of the citizenry.

The reality is that someone, somewhere will abuse a right that leads to death. It is the ultimate goal of the 2nd Amendment supporter to remain steadfast in position so that, one day, if the ultimate tragedy happens to a people… That of the death of thousands at the hands of Tyrants… that we are well equipped and well-organized to counter their lethality with a brutal storm of our own manufacture.

We weep for the dead and injured… How much more tearing of clothes, gnashing of teeth, and heavy heartbreak will we feel when loved ones are removed from our midst, their only crime a thirst for freedom and the desire of responsibility for their own destiny?

Do not let the government maintain a monopoly on arms. One day your opinion or lifestyle will not match that of the government, and they will kill you. 

Call your representatives now. Thirst for freedom. Be unrelenting.





Written by lothaen


  1. honeycomb · October 6, 2017

    Outlaw these leftist (legal pscho) drug takers from voting / driving / etc .. and we would have a better chance of mass murders.

    • honeycomb · October 6, 2017

      of stopping .. left that out .. whoops

    • Michmike · October 7, 2017

      Hmm seems I have heard that about trump supporters and the people who still support him no matter how many stupid things he says or does. You should not make generalizations because it just makes u look like a right wing crazy instead of a thinking person with well thought out arguments. Psycho has a y in it also and are you saying in your well thought out argument, is that if leftist can’t vote then we will have more mass murder? That is exactly what people who want firearms outlawed want, so your argument is a good one.

      Lesson here is – read before u post and think about how you present your case.

      • honeycomb · October 21, 2017

        My typing is horrible on a phone .. but .. thumbs make things really slow. So .. keeping up with thoughts is tough.

        Regardless .. my point is if you want to outlaw anything .. start with the leftist supporters .. you know .. 90% of mass murder shooters. Also .. outlaw cars .. they kill more people than any guns violence in the USofA. Then there is the connection of mass murder shooters of legal mind altering drugs. So .. they need outlawed too.

        It’s not my typing or short responses .. it’s your comprehension skills that need upgrading.

        PS .. I did vote Trump for President of the USofA.

  2. 4x4350 · October 7, 2017

    US citizens should be allowed to arm themselves as completely as any soldier, should they so desire. You know why.

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